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Customer Testimonials:

Cloud 9's cupcakes were amazing!

-Christian M., Miami, Fl.

Cloud 9 is amazing! Once you've sampled Cloud 9 Bakery goods you're hooked for life!

-Fred S., Miami, Fl.

We love Cloud 9! Keep up the good work!

-Cindy S., Ft, Myers, Fl.

Kristen makes the yummiest cupcakes and sweets! The cupcakes made my birthday complete and colorful... definitely recommend her yummy cupcakes!

-Andrea F., Miami, FL.

How can words accurately describe quality, taste, and love? Words don't have to, that's what your food does!

-Amir K., Brooklyn, NY.

You are the best sister and baker I have ever met! :) <3

-Tyler F., Miami, FL.

What do I have to do to get some Pumpkin Chai White Chocolate Chip Cookies for Thanksgiving?? If I can't eat with you at least I could eat something you made! :) Love you!

-Megan S., San Diego, CA.

Now you won't have to hide your desserts at work in order for me to get some. I admire you chasing your dreams. You Go!

-Dean D., Miami, FL.

Uncle Sheldon is upset because you don't have the name Sheldon in any of your desserts! Kristen, I sincerely wish you the absolute best with this endeavor!

Love, Aunt Cindy

-Cindy F., Orlando, FL.

Congrats!!!! The site looks great :-) Good luck with everything.

-Chenoa F., Orlando, FL.

Give me a free sample of cookies! I'm your sister!

-Kara F., Miami, FL.

Feed Me!

-Leslie M., Miami, FL.