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Custom Cakes

We love creating custom cakes to celebrate all of life's moments-- both big and small-- with you!

But let's be frank: It's not "just cake". We are running a business here! And just like anything else, custom cakes require ample planning, so please let us know as early as you can, at least 2 weeks before your event

(especially during our busier season of October-June).

This not only ensures our availability for you, but also allows the necessary time for the Custom Design Process: Design discussion and approval, a flavor tasting if requested, ordering of specialty materials/tools/ingredients required for your order, and time to prepare custom fondant elements that often need days to dry.

Since we do fill up quickly and we prepare everything from scratch the week of your event, there are often times we can't accommodate an order if placed on short notice, even if "it's small and simple" as our materials and ingredients have already been accounted for and production schedule made. We are a small company and these are necessary steps in order to ensure a streamlined production, high quality standards, and devote our time to create the unique styled cakes we have become known for, that keep our clients coming back.

See some of our recent examples of our signature designs to get a feel for our work, or hop over to our instagram or facebook to look at everything we've done!