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About Us

Kristen Fisher-Friedman has always had a strong sense of determination, a creative mind, and an unavoidable sweet tooth. When all these traits came together in the kitchen, a symphony of flavors ensued; ever since sending her family, friends and the lucky passer-by's, on a delicious and whimsical journey to

Cloud 9.

Growing up, Kristen always enjoyed being in the kitchen alongside her parents. She always wanted to be a part of it, her inquiring mind taking interest in each and every ingredient, what it did and how it changed the dish, and even from a very young age, offered her opinion. Her mother favored the more traditional flavors, while her father always wanted to try the creative and more inventive options, and Kristen realized she was a perfect fusion of the two: taking old and familiar tastes and reviving them into something different.

Always being inspired by those around her, many of Kristen's items are named after her loved ones, including her dearly recently departed father, and both of her late grandmothers, who all in their own special ways, helped her realize the path to her dream. Also featured are some of the old family recipes that served as the initial spark of her love for baking. 

Originally focused on the craft of classic and comfort desserts, we have since grown into the wedding cake business (mainly due to the pushing of our friends at Unearthed Vintage!). While adjusting to this new aspect of the industry, we never wavered from our original intent: for every bite to be absolute delicious and dreamy perfection. Kristen has always favored a certain style all her life, and with that our design aesthetic mimics that of the ethereal and pretty, raw and natural and classics revived.

Operating out of her kitchen, Kristen will bake you one of her tried and true specialties, or collaborate with you and your ideas to bring to life your ultimate in confectionery

dreamery. For when we're not baking, we are always "dreaming beyond the possibilities..."